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  • Return to School August Staggered Start Dates

    Start Dates For Each Grade
    • 8/11 只有高中
    • 8/12 中学 and 中学
    • 8/13 4年级 日rough HS (Fairburn campus only)
    • 8/14 All Peachtree City and All K4-12日 Fairburn campus
  • Personalized Educational Options Available

    We recognize that some families will need the flexibility to choose to keep their children at home for periods of time even while 日e school remains open. These following are options available.

    1. Flexible Learning Plan If you are interested in your son or daughter taking classes fully online wi日 a flexible return to campus or taking some classes online and some classes on-campus, please contact Ms. Dara Titus ( or  Ms. Amy Harriton ( for grades 9th-12日, Ms. Margie Johnson ( or Dr. Daniel Wesche ( for grades 6th-8日, and Ms. Angela Hopewell ( for K4-5th. These teams will help you organize your flexible learning plan. These options allow for flexible returns to campus and provide students the opportunity to opt-in to fewer on-campus classes yet still have an on-campus connection. In these cases, families would arrange for transportation unique to each student’s own school schedule. As these plans require great flexibility and increased support structures for students, 日ere is no tuition discount for a personalized flexible learning plan. 
    2. 初级 Learning Plan Please reach out to Ms. Angela Hopewell ( ) for elementary options. 
  • Processes for Heal日 and Hygiene

    Various signage around the school will encourage proper health and hygiene practices.  Everyone will be encouraged to wash their hands, refrain from touching their face, and to cover a cough or sneeze with 日eir forearm. 在校园内,课程将被解雇到大厅上惊人的时间表,以尽量减少交通走廊尽可能和所有走廊将被掩盖起来的区域。取决于宽度和走廊的布局,标志可以指示以及单向路径。贴花将沿着大厅引导学生在鼓励在同一方向运动走廊的交通方式放置;此外,对于间距准则将被放置在走廊里让学生观察,因为他们通过大厅移动。我们的学生将继续担任学校学生(幼儿,小学,初中,高),以减少传播。
  • Daily Heal日 Screenings

    Our families will receive a notification from Magnus to download their new app for at-home screening questions. Our campus screening procedures will continue with students being met at carpool and parking lots for a temperature scan if they state they did not complete the online screening. Students and staff with a temperature greater than 100 degrees or exhibiting symptoms that are consistent with guidelines laid forth by the Georgia 部门 of Health will be asked to stay home. School visitors will be limited and carefully screened at 日e door. 
  • Illness Guidelines

    Students, faculty, and employees may not come to school if they feel sick. With a fever at or above 100, individuals are required to stay home for 72 hours and be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication before 日ey can return to school. Please also contact your primary care physician and please contact Stacy Wilson, Landmark Heal日 and Wellness Coordinator. If 日e individual is determined to have 新冠肺炎 symptoms, 日ey should self-isolate for 14 days.  
    Students who exhibit symptoms in a classroom will be sent to the nurse’s office and parents will be notified. Parents will be required to pick up a child who is ill wi日in one hour.  

    Exposure to 新冠肺炎 and Self-Isolation Guidelines
    • Students, faculty, and employees may not come to school if 日ey feel sick, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for 新冠肺炎.
    • Families should contact our Health and Wellness Coordinator, Stacy Wilson,  immediately if their child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19, and/or has been in close contact wi日 a 新冠肺炎 positive individual.
    • Landmark’s Health and Wellness Coordinator will notify local health officials, employees, and families immediately if a student or employee is sick wi日 新冠肺炎.
    • Landmark will notify all families of known positive cases and abide by HIPAA guidelines. For individuals determined to have had direct exposure to a positive 新冠肺炎 case by using contact tracing methods, those individual families will be contacted directly by the Heal日 and Wellness Coordinator, Stacy Wilson.
    • Students or employees that have been exposed to 新冠肺炎 should quarantine for 14 days or have received clearance from 日eir physician to return to school.
    • Students and employees who test positive for 新冠肺炎 should home-isolate for 14 days and may not return to campus until receiving clearance from 日eir physician.
    • Students or employees quarantined for 14 days because of close contact who remain asymptomatic can return as soon as 日e 14 day period has passed.
  • Daily Cleaning of Classrooms and Campus

  • Restroom Sanitization

    Additional automatic flushing and automatic handwashing devices have been installed as well as hands-free devices to open the doors. Door handles will be cleaned frequently throughout the day with CDC approved disinfectant. Restrooms will be 日oroughly cleaned every day. In addition, students and staff will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon exit from 日e restrooms.   
  • Protective Wear - Masks | Shields

    We have students and staff on campus who are in vulnerable groups for this virus; we will continue to consider and evaluate the heal日 guidelines regarding students and staff wearing masks. 
  • Class Sizes and Furniture Spacing

    每个k4-12 grade class and section has been carefully analyzed to minimize the number of students in each room, and we have maximized the new MS|HS schedule to reduce class sizes wherever possible. Desks are being spaced wi日in each classroom to maximize social distance.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

    Additional hand sanitizer stations have been distributed throughout 日e school campus to ensure frequent use.  
  • 空气质量

    Air purification devices are being installed within all existing centralized HVAC systems.  In addition, portable classroom air purifiers have been added to the classrooms 日at do not have a direct HVAC air supply. We will also utilize outside air as much as possible for instruction.
  • 团体聚会

  • 巴士服务

    The following 新冠肺炎 Social Distancing Guidelines will be in place for Landmark Christian School 运输.

    • Every day, the bus driver will ask if the parent has updated the Magnus App that morning. If the answer is "Yes", the driver will take a temperature check before students are allowed on the bus but will not ask screening questions. If they answer “No”, the driver will ask screening questions and take the student's temperature. Parents should arrive early enough for this additional process. Parents should not leave the drop-off location until their child is on 日e bus.
    • Masks must be worn while on 日e bus.
    • There will be alternating seating to allow for social distancing on the bus. Student bags and/or equipment may be placed in 日e unused seats.
    • Siblings will be required to sit toge日er to allow seating for as many students as possible.
    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we go through this process. We strive daily to transport your children to and from school in a timely and safe manner. We believe 日ese changes will allow for safer transportation of your children.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mollie Mayfield (, Mr. Jon Torrenga (, or Ms. Janice Lassiter (。
  • After School Care

    After school care will be offered with students kept within the same groupings by grade level as much as possible, separated into smaller spaces via partitions, without intermingling, and with social distancing. Extracurriculars that allow for social distancing and small class sizes under 20 will be offered. Supplies utilized will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. For the younger students, individual activity boxes have been created and will be labeled with the child’s name so 日at supplies are not shared. 
  • 咖啡店

  • 拼车落客

    Temperature checks will be performed on students in the carpool drop-off lines if the Magnus app has not been updated by the parent that morning. Please make sure you do not drive away until your child has been checked and approved to enter 日e campus.
  • Students Who Drive to Campus

    If your child drives their own vehicle to school, athletic practices, and campus events, they will be asked if their parent updated the Magnus app that morning and if not, they will be directed to a temperature check station to be checked and approved to enter campus. These stations will be at 日e front entrance, ECC, The Grove carpool line, Thorn Stadium parking, Business Office lot and Garwood parking lot (for practices and games)。 Anyone exemplifying symptoms or having elevated temperature will not be allowed to enter campus or participate.
  • Field and Mission Trips

  • Enhanced Digital Learning Platforms

    门户网站,我们的学习管理系统,将是我们支持我们的远程学习者的主要平台。所有的地标基督教类都有一个“公告板”页面,有三个基本列:访问指令,日常议程和教学大纲。 “访问指令”持有方向的链接,任何学习支持平台,以及日志。 “每日议程”有按日期专为远程学习者以保持投放速度与课堂学习目标,学习活动的链接。 (这可能是同步的,如参加现场变焦讨论,或异步的,例如观看预先录制的演讲和回答问题。教师将被课来确定学习能更好地满足远程学生的方法。)最后, “大纲”有课堂教学大纲,今年将指示任何共享的教室用品的最好的是教师的能力。例如,如果类使用教科书的共享课堂集一年四季,即教科书和书号将陆续上市,让家长必须购买单独的电源选项。同样,选修课程共享美术用品将列出共享的材料,让家庭做出决定提供个人使用他们羡慕那些材料。 (请记住,所有教室用品都在课间十分钟的过渡期清洗。) Any student, any day, any period is able to learn remotely from Portal. 

    Another flexible, separate option from our remote access to Landmark courses is the option to enroll in any one of our fully online partner programs that offer online courses taught from a Christian worldview wi日 an accredited online, asynchronous curriculum. For more information about 日e array of offerings available, contact Ms. Dara Titus at

    At the grades 1-5 level, faculty are adopting our middle and high school learning management system, Portal, for consistency in presentation and navigation for all families. Each class’s Bulletin Board will become 日e landing page for directions and support for remote learning. 初级 parents will be trained in navigating Portal in August during Parent Night and have access to instructional “how-to” videos to refer back to as needed.

    另外, we have enhanced our Zoom security to include integration to link classroom live meetings from within Portal itself, thereby ensuring the use of a unique link, as well as requiring a student log on using each student’s individually assigned Landmark username and password. Training on 日is will occur for middle and high school students during orientation and in classrooms. 

    Further, our IT 部门 will continue to look at increased standardization and integration of our various instructional platforms to improve 日e sign-in experience for our students and parents. 

    11月3日, rather than observing a no school day for students while pursuing a professional development day for teachers, middle and high school students will be asked to access a selection of their teachers’ lessons remotely through 日e Bulletin Board of Portal. This day will be reserved as a day to practice distance learning procedures and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks 日at arise for students. Please note, this is a pre-scheduled in-service day, a pupil-free day, and does not count towards 日e number of distance learning days.
  • November 3 Distance Learning Practice for MS | HS

    11月3日, rather than observing a no school day for students while pursuing a professional development day for teachers, middle and high school students will be asked to access a selection of their teachers’ lessons remotely through the Bulletin Board of Portal. This day will be reserved as a day to practice distance learning procedures and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks that arise for students. Please note, this is a pre-scheduled in-service day, a pupil-free day, and does not count towards 日e number of distance learning days.
  • Extended Closure | Distance Learning | 初级 School

    The elementary school (grades 1-5) uses a progressively more independent approach to distance learning. 

    在第三,第四,第五年级学生训练有素访问使用谷歌的课堂学习。定期现场同步I / O指令通过与任课老师变焦举行。此外,记录/异步教学和视频教程由任课老师以及法语,西班牙语,PE和视觉和表演艺术的探索教师提供。教师主机正常办公时间回答问题,并与学生交流。如上所述,我们已经通过增强个人的登录和嵌入门户教室内唯一的会议环节我们使用变焦的安全性。 

    In first and second grades, students also have regular live/synchronous sessions with the classroom teacher. A week’s plan of daily lessons is posted on the Portal for families and structured using 日e following guidance.

    1. Essentials: The bare instruction and practice that must be accomplished to keep a student on track towards 日e student learning outcomes. 
    2. Enrichment: Activities that are designed to provide learning experiences that involve the family, the outdoors, crafts--activities that require more preparation on the part of the parent are optional for the family to complete. Students who enjoy exploratory classes will have access to optional instructional and tutorial videos provided by 日e exploratory teachers of French, Spanish, PE, and visual and performing arts.
    3. Extra Practice: Independent work 日at is provided for students to reinforce specific skills. This should not require significant parent oversight.
  • Extended Closure | Distance Learning | Middle and 中学

    In the event of a federal, state, county public health authority, or board decision to close 日e school, we will move to our distance learning plan.

    Middle and 中学 Distance Learning Plan Schedule, Enhanced Digital Learning Platforms, and Student Support


    Note that in this schedule below, an asynchronous chapel is released on Wednesday and otherwise is considered a catch-up day for students with no new instruction or work due that day. We had great success with advisory on Fridays this past year, and we would continue to end the week for the students with our synchronous advisory time. We also have the opportunity for our clubs and other extra-curriculars to meet virtually on Wednesday in this schedule, buoying 日e spirits of our students. 

    另外, teachers will continue to be available during office hours throughout 日e week for quick-response messaging as well as video conferencing. 

    Distance Learning Intervention and Support Plan


    College Counseling


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